Venetian Blinds

room with horizontal slats
 venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats suspended on ladder cords and are made of either wood or metal. They're simple to change for more or less light, and they're simple to lift and lower. Even though they have a long history of use in homes and commercial establishments of all styles, Venetian blinds are among the most common types of blinds available for contemporary homes. Venetian window blinds have a distinct look that makes them a standard option and attractive addition to any space.

Venetian blinds have an attraction for office buildings and, indeed, home offices is that Venetian blinds allow the amount of light filtering into a room to be adjusted as and when it is necessary. Venetian blinds are accepted in a variety of settings, including kitchens, bathrooms, and offices.

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

• It fits every size window.
• Simple to use.
• Simple to clean.
• Provides privacy and light control.
• Cost-effective alternative
• A range of finishes is available to give customers a preference.
• It can be customised to your specifications

Venetian Blinds for Bay Windows

Venetian blinds for bay windows can be clipped into PVC window frames, making the blinds an integral part of the window, freeing up space on the windowsill and around the window. Depending on the light's location, each panel of the blind may be opened individually or drawn at different levels. Venetian blinds are incredibly flexible, offering a wide range of colours, materials, and slat widths. Painted finishes allow a blind to be made in any colour. In contrast, technical advancements allow for unique slat finishes such as distressed, high gloss, or veneer, enabling our customer to express their style and taste in their home.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Custom Blinds& Shutters offer faux wood Venetian blinds handcrafted to provide integrity and a legitimate delicacy. Our faux wood Venetian blinds use high-quality PVC to mimic the warmth and richness of wood, making it the ideal option for high-moisture areas. Our blinds which combine the luxury appeal of wood Venetians with the beauty of unique trend, comes with a variety of accessories. Our Venetian faux wood blinds come with classic wood stains and contemporary painted colours with polished elegance. Also, these blinds offer wise privacy like clever light regulation and privacy enhancement. Since there are no cord punch holes in each slat, the slat closure is complete. Instead, a technically sophisticated, proprietary cord system is used, with the ladder running down the outside of each slat.

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