Vertical Blinds

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Verticle Blinds for bay windows

Custom Blinds & Shutters extensive vertical blinds range is ideal for any windows in your home and patio doors and comes in a plethora of textures, colours, and designs. You can rotate a vertical blind to allow just the right amount of sunlight to go through while still providing fantastic shade, allowing you to manipulate the light in whatever way you want. Our vertical blind fabric collection features a wide variety of compositions, colours, and patterns while maintaining high quality. All of our made-to-measure blinds are made to the highest standards to ensure you get the exact window treatment you want. There's a huge selection of neutral or colourful plains, textures, and patterns available, as well as a variety of speciality coatings ranging from Teflon® to Flame Retardant.

Neutral & Natural Vertical Blinds:

When a plan comes together, we are ecstatic. These beautiful vertical blinds not only provide excellent light control but also blend seamlessly into your room, thanks to our large selection of delectable neutral tones. Play with patterns or go for a more simplistic look with our minimalistic plains. Our neutral and natural vertical blinds will look great in any environment.

Coloured Vertical Blinds

Take our delightful colours set as an example of how vertical blinds can be both colourful and functional. Plains, textures, and jacquards are all available in a wide range of colours to complement the colour scheme of your home. They'll also assist you in controlling the amount of light that enters the room. Our vertical blinds are made of polyester and come in a variety of colours. To restore the look of your vertical window blinds, simply sponge clean or wipe clean with a soft cloth. Splashes and spills can quickly be cleaned away, making them suitable for kitchen blinds.

Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows

Because of their versatility and practicality, vertical blinds are an excellent option for curved bay windows. Vertical blinds also offer you many design choices because they come in such a wide variety of colours, prints, and textures. Our installation team are experts in a curved bay window, a versatile track that matches the bay's curve can be used to mount your Vertical blind with a lovely smooth finish that fits perfectly in your frame. Vertical Blinds for Bay windows secure the sun's rays and capture the tiny golden flecks, bathing your room in a lovely light glow.

Square Bay Vertical Blinds

We also specialise in the square bay vertical blinds. Vertical blinds work well in square bay and box windows as well. Although separate blinds for each pane of glass is the most popular choice for square bay windows, our customer support team will be able to direct you on the best setup for your window. The square bay vertical Blinds is both attractive and functional, as it allows you to operate each blind independently, allowing you to control the amount of light in your home.

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